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Entry #9

Finally Back Into Animating.

2008-08-09 10:14:13 by Cheektoghetto

Well after canceling the series I wanted to make and then going on a several month hiatus, I've finally dipped my hands back into flash.

I never realized how tough it is to pick up flash after a long break, I feel like I'm re-learning a lot of the things I learned as a n00b. However, I have pretty much gotten the feel of animating again, and it feels good.

My current project is a Valentine's Day flash for my loving girlfriend, Melissa. I know, seems like a lot of time to set aside for one project right? Well I tend to procrastinate, and when I do start doing things, I tend to have a bit of OCD and correct little things several times.

So by giving myself about 6 months notice I can be sure to get this one done for Valentine's day.

Pic Unrelated; but it is my new forum sig. If you have never seen that flash, be sure to do so at
. It's a classic.

Finally Back Into Animating.


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2008-08-09 10:15:31

geez, everyone is canceling their series.

I guess that's all we need sometimes, is a little break.


2008-08-09 11:20:48

Welcome back man, you never know if your ahead of schedule you may squeeze in another toon before valentines.

Ahh.... McBean..... class animation from a class animator.


2009-02-20 14:54:40

Whats up dude...