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Userpage Update and School

2007-09-08 12:45:25 by Cheektoghetto

UserPage Update

I finally found some time on the computer this weekend to update my page, giving it a much better look than my old '300' Photoshopped banner. But anyway, I think it turned out rather nicely, special thanks to NG raw materials page for the sunbeams. I won't update the page much I don't think. Probably once every 3 months or so, when I get sick of my current images and decide to change them.


Just moved, this past week was my first week of school at my new school. I hate my new school, it is confusing and so small. My old school was much larger, and had a pretty basic setup. It was a square of hallways with 2 hallways coming off of it, 2 floors. My new school is a retarded rectangle with random hallways and stairwells jutting out. It really is confusing, I guess I'll get used to it Eventually.


I think I finally found a nice animation style I can stick with. I've been testing using the pencil rather than the brush, and all my graphics seem to be coming out better. Frame by Frame is much easier and turns out better. So I'm happy with it. I'm about to begin a HUGE project, it will end up being possibly a 6 month project, I have a great concept and a great script written. You won't see too much out of me for a while.


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2007-09-08 13:44:44

cool. good luck with that project.

(Updated ) Cheektoghetto responds:

Thanks, I'm HOPING to finish by December-January, but my schedule may not allow for that. I can only work 2 hours a night weekdays, so most of it will be done weekends.


2007-09-08 13:52:24

Shame for school dude. ):
But if you have a positive attitude, youre more likely to get poitive results! :D

Cheektoghetto responds:

Thats the way I was gonna try, but there was nothing positive about this new school. T.T


2007-09-12 21:39:16

Glad to see ya updated this page. I like the banner even though the art of your character in your display could use some work, just keep working on it. Good luck on everything man.

Cheektoghetto responds:

Oh god I know, it looks bad, but unfortunately I didn't have time to improve it. I'm not really the greatest artist to start with, but i'll work on it and become better.


2007-09-15 14:21:12

i from chectowaga

Cheektoghetto responds:

Ya know you could have at least posted a damn comment that is grammatically correct.


2007-10-08 15:42:10

im not correct