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New User Page Theme And New Series

2007-12-05 16:38:39 by Cheektoghetto

Ahh, Once again, It's Christmas time in old NG.


I decided to get in the old holiday spirit with a nice userpage update. The old Orange just doesn't go too well with the Blue NG buttons and icy feel around.

New Series

I've gotten a new concept for a series, and am actually going through with it.

THATS RIGHT NG! I'm actually gonna go through with this :O (scary). Its called 'Blood', based one the antics of 2 red blood cells in the veins, arteries, capillaries, and beyond of a man named Chuck.

I don't wanna give away too much yet, but the basic concept is kinda to portray the blood cells as white collar office workers going to work.

This is the basic character concept so far...

New User Page Theme And New Series


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2007-12-05 17:41:51

Dont make it like TooF though.

(Updated ) Cheektoghetto responds:

I don't think it will be anything like TooF.

For the love of god I hope it doesn't turn out like TooF


2007-12-05 18:10:03

i wish all the buttons were blue, but only the top ones are.

Cheektoghetto responds:

I know, they should really change all the links and such.

But I guess that would be too hard...


2007-12-05 18:48:36

Heh, white collar blood cells. Sounds funny :)

Cheektoghetto responds:

Thanks, I'm hoping I do justice to the idea.


2007-12-05 21:07:30

Chuck? rip-off of one of my favorite tv shows.

(Updated ) Cheektoghetto responds:

So I'm ripping off a TV show by naming my guy chuck....

So I suppose my parents ripped off Santa when named me Nicholas, right?


2007-12-06 14:27:09

Me like it!

Cheektoghetto responds:



2007-12-06 17:57:11

Whats wrong with TooF?

Cheektoghetto responds:

VERY simply animated, and very streamline.


2007-12-15 18:34:47

looks like a hit

Cheektoghetto responds:

Thank you


2008-01-05 20:09:33

hav a good 2008

Cheektoghetto responds:

You too my fellow cheektowagan