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Well after canceling the series I wanted to make and then going on a several month hiatus, I've finally dipped my hands back into flash.

I never realized how tough it is to pick up flash after a long break, I feel like I'm re-learning a lot of the things I learned as a n00b. However, I have pretty much gotten the feel of animating again, and it feels good.

My current project is a Valentine's Day flash for my loving girlfriend, Melissa. I know, seems like a lot of time to set aside for one project right? Well I tend to procrastinate, and when I do start doing things, I tend to have a bit of OCD and correct little things several times.

So by giving myself about 6 months notice I can be sure to get this one done for Valentine's day.

Pic Unrelated; but it is my new forum sig. If you have never seen that flash, be sure to do so at
. It's a classic.

Finally Back Into Animating.

Web Design

2008-03-16 21:14:40 by Cheektoghetto

I'm gonna try to get into it. It's hard though.

Blood Postponed And Pacman

2008-01-27 14:23:36 by Cheektoghetto

The series 'Blood' has been postponed for a little while, hopefully not forever though.

Life's been kinda hectic, so I'm not gonna make a commitment and jump into something as big as a series. I will try to throw out a few animations here and there, though.

I'm working on a new animation, too. I don't wanna divulge too many secrets, but it's about why Pacman does what he does.

If you can guess what the underlying joke will be I'll give you a cookie.

Hey NG, I need some help...

I'm looking for talented voice actors to do some voices for my upcoming series.

I need 3 male voices, 2 adult, 1 retarded, so I need a voice actor who can do a wide range of voices. So if anybody can help a man out, I'd appreciate it a lot. Just Drop me a PM if you're interested.

Below is the character models so far.

PS: Don't say, "OH I CANZ DO VOICEZ" if you've never done voice acting before, I'm looking for experienced voice actors.

Any Voice Actors Out There?

Ahh, Once again, It's Christmas time in old NG.


I decided to get in the old holiday spirit with a nice userpage update. The old Orange just doesn't go too well with the Blue NG buttons and icy feel around.

New Series

I've gotten a new concept for a series, and am actually going through with it.

THATS RIGHT NG! I'm actually gonna go through with this :O (scary). Its called 'Blood', based one the antics of 2 red blood cells in the veins, arteries, capillaries, and beyond of a man named Chuck.

I don't wanna give away too much yet, but the basic concept is kinda to portray the blood cells as white collar office workers going to work.

This is the basic character concept so far...

New User Page Theme And New Series

Userpage Update and School

2007-09-08 12:45:25 by Cheektoghetto

UserPage Update

I finally found some time on the computer this weekend to update my page, giving it a much better look than my old '300' Photoshopped banner. But anyway, I think it turned out rather nicely, special thanks to NG raw materials page for the sunbeams. I won't update the page much I don't think. Probably once every 3 months or so, when I get sick of my current images and decide to change them.


Just moved, this past week was my first week of school at my new school. I hate my new school, it is confusing and so small. My old school was much larger, and had a pretty basic setup. It was a square of hallways with 2 hallways coming off of it, 2 floors. My new school is a retarded rectangle with random hallways and stairwells jutting out. It really is confusing, I guess I'll get used to it Eventually.


I think I finally found a nice animation style I can stick with. I've been testing using the pencil rather than the brush, and all my graphics seem to be coming out better. Frame by Frame is much easier and turns out better. So I'm happy with it. I'm about to begin a HUGE project, it will end up being possibly a 6 month project, I have a great concept and a great script written. You won't see too much out of me for a while.


2007-08-27 13:19:17 by Cheektoghetto

Well, this will be the first time I've posted news to the front page.

Anyway, There are a couple new collabs I'm involved with, (yes, I'm a collab whore).

There is the Beer Collab 2, An offspring to my Beer Collab, Led by Yoink instead this time. 5168
You need a 3.5 Batting Average to join this one though.

There is also the Funny Little Feeling Collab, Led by doomshock. 2323
This one is open to all, but you obviously need to make a good enough part.

And lastly, The BioShock collab led by Sekhem. 4425
Honestly I Don't think I'll be as involved with this one, but I figured I'd show it some love.

Also, moved In April to different school district, but didn't transfer until now. School sucks in general, now I have to go into a completely new school knowing no one. Fun, Fun!

Hopefully taking my Road Test soon, wish me luck on that. Hope my car doesn't look like this after:


New Flash

2007-07-22 11:57:05 by Cheektoghetto

Make sure you check out the Beer Collab, 15 amazing animators worked so hard on it and it would be a waste to see it not be watched. Thanks.


2007-07-17 18:24:26 by Cheektoghetto

Altho I'm Very Excited about this new and improved site, I feel no need for a blog system, so you won't see this updated much except to Promote new flashes.